FG&M Attorney David Carpenter to Present at Annual VBA Meeting

Posted on Mar 06, 2019

At this year’s VBA Annual Meeting (3/22, Lake Morey Resort) Attorney Dave Carpenter will be presenting a seminar diving into an often neglected aspect of drafting--the contract “boilerplate.”  All too frequently referred to as something like “You know, all that legal mumbo-jumbo at the end,” standard terms & conditions in fact can have significant practical implications.  Does anyone really care about notice provisions?  Venue?  Choice of Law?  Third-party beneficiaries?  Force majeure?  Often the answer is “no, not really”– up until the day the market crashes or a counterparty misses its third delivery or an asteroid hits the leased premises and everyone reaches for the relevant contracts to figure out what happens next.  Thinking ahead, truly understanding your client’s current and future goals and drafting every clause carefully, can truly help your client in the long run.  We’ll look at different types of standard terms & conditions in different contexts and discuss drafting rules in an effort to explore what these overlooked and ignored terms mean and how they can be deployed carefully to manage risk.  In addition, there’s a great lineup of other classes and meetings:  https://vtbar.myevent.com/page.php?groupingID=miscellaneous1

Speaking of the VBA’s Annual Meeting, Dave is running unopposed for another term on the Vermont Bar Association’s Board of Managers.  Please drop by the VBA’s webpage and take a look at the other great qualified candidates running for other positions:  https://vtbar.myevent.com/page.php?groupingID=miscellaneous4

REGISTER FOR THE VBA ANNUAL MEETING HERE:  https://www.vtbar.org/Calendar/Signup.aspx?EventNo=3515

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