Tax Law

The Vermont attorneys in our Tax Practice Group provides tax planning, legal advice, and solutions for tax issues of all kinds, including:

  • Income Tax
  • Estate Tax
  • Gift Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Generation-Skipping Tax
  • Employment Tax
  • Vermont Land Gains Tax
  • Current Use Valuation
  • Rooms and Meals Tax

Income Tax
Whether it’s related to an individual or a business, the income tax is an important consideration in any of your dealings. It can also be a source of stress and complicate otherwise straightforward decisions. We can help to properly characterize and report items on your return, structure compensation packages that minimize your tax, help you choose tax-efficient business structures, and generally work with you and your tax preparer to address these issues ethically and effectively.

Estate and Gift Taxes
The estate and gift taxes, like other taxes, are moving targets. The law is constantly changing. But, while the federal estate tax law has recently improved for taxpayers, estate and gift taxes are still very onerous if they apply to you.  Separate state estate taxes may apply as well, even if you do not have a taxable estate under federal law. The generation-skipping tax, if it applies, can be even worse. We can assist you in evaluating the potential applicability of these taxes to your situation, and provide you with advice on how to minimize them.    

Taxpayer Defense and Compliance
If you have received news from the IRS, State of Vermont, or local tax authorities, that they wish to assess additional tax, that you are going to be audited, or that you are somehow not in compliance with the tax laws, then you should retain a qualified tax attorney to work with your tax preparer and advise you about your options. We are experienced in tax controversies and litigation, and can handle various proceedings while working to negotiate a favorable settlement. For future transactions involving substantial potential tax issues, we can prepare a private letter ruling request if warranted.

Business and Corporate Planning
Your job is to run your business using your knowledge of the trade. Our job is to help you accomplish your goals in the most effective manner possible. We can provide general and specific advice for businesses and business owners. We can help you choose a tax efficient business structure, and deal with mergers, acquisitions, redemptions, buy-sell agreements, open market sales, and a variety of other business transactions and tax issues faced by modern business owners. We can help design compensation packages for owners and employees, and help transition your business to the next level, or to its next owners.

International Transactions and Taxation
International taxation is a highly specialized practice, and if your attorney or tax advisor does not have experience in the area, you are asking for trouble. We represent inbound and outbound investors and individuals, and we can help your business with its international transactions. We have worked with the laws of many countries throughout the world, and we often integrate our solutions to deal with tax, visa, social security, and other issues that often arise. We also can advise you regarding the laws requiring disclosure of interests in foreign accounts or foreign entities, including trusts.

State and Local Taxes
We have experience with the variety of state and local tax issues in Vermont, including the income tax, property transfer and land gains taxes, ad valorem property taxes (including Vermont’s current use valuation program), sales and use tax, rooms and meals tax,  and utility based taxes. We can also help you obtain tax incentives through your local town and the State of Vermont.