Construction Law

Our Vermont attorneys will ensure that your construction job goes smoothly, whether you are building a major commercial project or the home of  your dreams.  If you have already started or completed your project and problems have arisen, we can help.  The Vermont attorneys in our Construction Law Group have resolved hundreds of construction related disputes, from matters involving a few thousand dollars to complex multi-million dollar claims.  Matters the Group can assist you with include:

Negotiating and managing the construction contract, a clear understanding of the project’s scope and every party’s responsibility is essential to a positive result;

Handling mid-project changes, when a problem arises in the middle of your project, let us assist in you documenting any revisions to the contract and protecting yourself from potential additional cost or unforeseen liability;

Resolving project related disputes, either by way of arbitration or litigation, timely cost effective resolution of disputes is in the best interest of all parties; and

Researching and identifying potentially liable parties for recently discovered construction defects, if you discover hidden construction defects after the purchase of your property or after the completion of the project do not assume you have to bear the cost of repairs.

We represent suppliers, contractors, subcontractors and owners.  Our clients include condominium owners associations, construction companies of many sizes, commercial projects and quarries.  We have assisted owners of large resort developments in addressing latent construction defects and residential property owners in contract disputes with their general contractor.  We have filed and successfully prosecuted liens on behalf of contractors and subcontractors.  We have defended suppliers of building projects against million dollar claims for defective product and tardy delivery.  

If you are just starting your project, let us help you avoid unnecessary costs and expenses that arise when a contract is incomplete or poorly drafted.  If you have already begun your project and have run into problems, no matter how big or small your construction problem may be, we can help.