Another Win for FG&M!

Posted on Apr 03, 2019

Massachusetts-based advocacy group Toxics Action Center (TAC) has agreed to dismiss its lawsuit against the Brandon-Leicester-Salisbury-Goshen-Pittsford Insect Control District in its entirety and with prejudice--a welcome result.  Attorneys David Cooper and David Carpenter represented the larger of the state’s two mosquito control districts against TAC, represented by the Environment and Natural Resources Legal Clinic at Vermont Law School.  The District provides vital mosquito control services to its several member communities under a federal permit program, using a combination of EPA- and Vermont-approved pest control methodologies to successfully combat the summertime invasion of disease-carrying and nuisance insects.  After the District submitted supplemental information to the State that provides additional details about its pest-control methods, TAC agreed to drop its lawsuit, allowing the District (directed by a volunteer board and limited seasonal staff) to stanch the flow of taxpayer dollars going to the fight against TAC and its pro bono lawyers at the ENRLC.  

Despite the decisive result, carefully spun public statements from TAC and its members following the announcement of TAC’s voluntary dismissal of its appeal suggest that we have not seen the last of these aggressive activists; but, for now, BLSG can focus again on its important mission.  FG&M is pleased to have been a part of that effort.

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